Fun Fly – SJRCS 5/21/2017

  • Sunday May 21, 2017 at 9AM (Pilots/setup arrival time 8-8:30. Pilots meeting 9am sharp)
  • Pilot entry Fee $10 (includes lunch)
  • Guests:  Free to watch, $5 for lunch


Fun Fly Events

Max score =1200 points. In event of tie, sudden death fly off – event determined at time of fly off.

1 min Timed loops = Most loops in 1 minute. Climb to desired position and start loops. Maximum 25 loops.

Scoring =300 points max , 12 points per loop

Spot landing x 3 dead stick = 3 spot landing attempts, all tries count, score is cumulative. Take off, shut down motor at designated point, glide to spot land. Highest score section of bulls eye that any part of the plane is in is the score for that try. Outside of the biggest circle =0 points

Scoring = 300 points max.

Spot touch n go x 3 = whatever section of the bulls eye the wheels touchdown in is the points you get for that attempt, cumulative points for each try. 3 consecutive tries.

Scoring =Max score = 300 points.

2 min Timed Climb n glide – bonus for dead stick spot landing = Climb for 20 seconds, turn off power try to glide for 2 minutes. 2 minutes is max. Bonus points for dead stick landing in bulls eye on landing.

Max points =300 + bonus for spot landing. 2.5 points per second of glide time + whatever points from bonus spot landing

Acceptable planes: Any trainer type airplane=foam, wood, nitro or electric. IE: Mentor , Sensei, Apprentice, Fun Cub, Horizon / E-FliteCubs, trainer type nitro arfs, Parkzone and Flyzone foam war birds,planes such as the flyzone DHC Beaver, Eratix or similar. Must have landing gear =tail dragger or trike. No mono gear.

Not acceptable planes: NO GLIDERS or variations of gliders, NO PROFILE OR FLAT Wing foamies, NO STICK & BOOM type planes. Planes must be stock from manufacturer. Motor or battery size upgrades acceptable. Addition of flaps and or ailerons acceptable to planes without them such as 3 channel models and adding flaps to 4 channel plane. No oversize control surfaces – must be stock size

We will have instructors avail to fly with beginners (must have basic skills such as take off, land , loop) on buddy boxes. So whatever your skill level you can enter and have fun!

Must have current AMA.

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