How to Join

Please complete the membership application form below.  Dues are $75 per calendar year and are prorated for partial year memberships. In addition to dues there is an application fee of $10. At this time the dues and fees are for your information only. The dues & fees (including the application fee) will be collected at another time upon your membership’s approval/acceptance. (See the Bylaws – Articles VI through X)

A valid AMA Open Membership is a requirement for membership in the Society. Click here to apply.

Please note:  Completion of this form constitutes a request to become a member of the South Jersey RC Society.  Membership is provisional and will be granted when the provisions of the Club Bylaws have been followed.  This includes attendance of the monthly meetings, introduction to the club members in attendance, and a final acceptance vote by the club members at a subsequent meeting.  Payment of dues/fees will be expected following a favorable acceptance vote by the club.


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